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  Verbal Football Continues Between Mayor and Chamber
February 11, 2010

In this ongoing saga, the Chamber’s lawyer, Josh Genser, accused the mayor of threatening litigation, which she did not. She simply asked for a retraction of patently false statements, i.e: “By her inaction over Chevron's renewal project, over a thousand jobs were eliminated. Just last week I talked to a small engineering firm who had to lay off seven engineers due to the stoppage. The reverberation of her action or the lack thereof ‐ continues to cost people and families their lively hood.”

The Chamber has never pointed out exactly what “inaction” or “action” they are talking about. Do they want the mayor to storm the Superior Court and demand the judge retract her ruling? Or do they want the mayor to lead a phalanx of construction workers to break down the gates of Chevron and start work in defiance of the Court? Or maybe lead a charge of greenies into the Chevron treasury to seize those ill begotten oil profits and start distributing them to unemployed construction workers?

What is it, Chamber, that you want the mayor to do? She has already urged CBE and Chevron to negotiate a settlement based on the latest proposal from Attorney General Jerry Brown. I don’t recall that the Chamber has even taken that step.

Pointedly, Genser avoided any discussion of the Chamber’s false statement about the mayor’s responsibility for eliminating jobs. As the mayor pointed out, it was due not to any action or inaction by her that the Chevron project was shut down; it was pursuant to a Court order. Blaming the mayor may make the Chamber of Commerce feel smug, but there is not a shred of truth in it. We should expect better from such an organization.

Incidentally, I have received several emails musing about the meaning of a “lively hood.” One wondered if it refers to a neighborhood where a lot of dances and sporting events take place, and if so, where in Richmond could one find such a lively place?

As some have suggested, this is not about the thickness of the mayors skin or her ability to absorb criticism, this is simply about the truth, which is not being told by the Chamber of Commerce. Isn’t it the truth that is supposed to set you free?

The Chamber has kindly provided links below to all the pertinent correspondence.


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As residents of Richmond, we know that jobs and the economy are the most important issues we face today in the City of Richmond. As I believe this is an important message, I want to take this opportunity to bring you up to date as to our on going conversations with the Mayor. Below, you will find our correspondence with the Mayor's office.  If you should have any questions or comments please email me at judy@rcoc.com.

Judy Morgan comments to Mayor McLaughlin, 2-3-2010
Mayor McLaughlin response to Judy Morgan, 2-8-2010
Josh Genser, Genser & Watkins, letter to Mayor McLaughlin, 2-11-2010
Bob Connolly, RCOC Board Chair, letter to Mayor McLaughlin, 2-11-2010 

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