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  2 Farms in 2 Days for Local High Schools
January 30, 2010

2 farms in 2 days for local high schools
Urban Tilth
Please consider supporting
Urban Tilth's, 2 Farms in 2 Days Event

During the last weekend of February, 2010, Urban Tilth will work alongside students, staff, and community members from Kennedy and Richmond high schools. Together, we will install an 8,000 square-foot farm on each campus. These school farms will give high school students in Richmond the capacity to grow more than 15,000 pounds of organic produce annually for our community.

There is a lot of talk nationally about rebuilding healthy, local food systems; with your support of the 2 Farms in 2 Days event, Richmond will soon lead the nation in this effort. As a result the 2 Farms in 2 Days event, Richmond teens will have the per-capita capacity to contribute a greater percentage of their community's healthy food supply than any other group of urban teens in the nation. Read more