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2009 Year End Review - Predictions and Wishes for 2010

2009 Year End Review - Predictions and Wishes for 2010

In a tradition that started in 2002, I present my version, augmented by suggestions from E-FORUM readers, of the 2009 Year End Review - Prediction and Wishes for 2010

Click here for the MSWORD version that has hundreds of hyperlinks to E-FORUM postings and media articles, and click here for the pdf version.


Or cut and paste in your browser www.tombutt.com/pdf/new_year_2010.doc.

 I have selected for the top three Richmond stories of 2008:

         Richmond and Chevron in Petroleum Bowl Matchup

         Richmond Rehabilitates its 60-Year Old Civic Center

         And Then There Were Seven

 In this issue, you will also find:

         Most Controversial issues of 2009

         Tom Butt Wishes for 2009 Come True

         Best and Worst of 2009

         2009 Wishes from E-FORUM Readers

         Tom Butt Wishes for 2010

As a disclosure, I published all comments I received from E-FORUM readers verbatim, but they donít necessarily reflect my views, particularly those about City staff and departments. For example, I think Richard Mitchell, who took a hit from an E-FORUM reader, is the best planning director we have ever had in Richmond. However, I do acknowledge there are improvements needed in the Planning and Building Services Department, as there are in other departments..