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Point Richmond Gateway Foundation Spreads Cheer

The Point Richmond Gateway Foundation uses excess rent proceeds from the Mechanics Bank in the rehabilitated former Santa Fe Reading Room (Trainmaster’s Office) to fund community improvement projects. This is a triple win project that resulted from public sector/private sector/non-profit sector collaboration.

At no cost to the public:

·         An historic 100+ year old building was saved and rehabilitated for an adaptive reuse.

·         Mechanics Bank’s business tripled overnight.

·         An attractive public plaza was created.

·         Rent proceeds are distributed to the community for improvement projects.

See West county Times Story below:

Our Neighbors: Foundation spreads cheer around Richmond

By Chris Treadway
West County Times

Posted: 12/30/2008 04:03:01 PM PST


The Point Richmond Gateway Foundation was spreading the holiday cheer around its historic neighborhood in December, awarding $9,000 in grants to 11 organizations.

The grants are bestowed annually to help fund projects that contribute to the quality of life and/or beautification of Point Richmond.

The Save the Plunge Trust received a donation toward its matching fund goal for restoration of the landmark Richmond Municipal Natatorium.

The Point Richmond Landscape Advisory Committee was given a grant for trees, plants and irrigation for Triangle Park; the Point Richmond Neighborhood Council got money for a mural on the west side of the auto tunnel next to Western Drive; and the Point Richmond History Association got assistance with lighting the exterior of its history museum.

Point Richmond Village got a grant for its project to provide various services and referrals to residents of the Point; Arts of Point Richmond received funds for a professional exhibit-display system; and PRAM (Parents, Resources and More) got operational funds for the Field House at Washington Elementary School.

Grants also went to the Women's Westside Improvement Club for a historic plaque commemorating its centennial in 2008, Our Lady of Mercy Catholic Church to spotlight the historic church bell tower, First United Methodist Church of Point Richmond for its project to re-point the brickwork on its historic building, and the Point Richmond Business Association for street banners in the downtown business area.

Point Richmond Gateway Foundation Inc. is a nonprofit organization that oversaw the relocation and restoration of the historic building that was once the reading room and trainmaster office for the town's Santa Fe railroad station. The foundation leased the building to Mechanics Bank last year for its Point Richmond branch, with the agreement that excess funds from the tenancy would go to community improvements.