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Watershed Nursery Welcome to Richmond

The Watershed Nursery has recently moved to Richmond. This unique business, which leases land from the City of Richmond adjacent to the Wastewater Treatment Plant specializes in  

habitat restoration and enhancement projects and is committed to providing dependable service and quality site-specific gene-stock. The measure of its success extends beyond the high quality plant material that leaves the nursery, to the establishment of a diverse, healthy, functioning, ecosystem.


The first day open to the public was December 5th from 10am - 5pm. 


For directions or other information, please visit the website at www.thewatershednursery.com


The Watershed Nursery

601-A Canal Blvd.Richmond, CA 94804

ph (510) 234-2222, fax (510) 234-2242.  


 DROP-IN Hours Fridays 10 am-5 pm

Visit during drop-in hours to browse selections and ask the friendly, knowledgeable staff to help you in your species selection.

The nursery is open by appointment at other times including evenings and weekends. Call or email and they work with you to find a  time that fits your schedule.

601-A Canal Blvd. Richmond, Ca. 94804
Phone : (510) 234-2222
Email: TheWatershedNursery@earthlink.net

Customized plant growing: The Watershed Nursery grows the native plants you need for your project. To get the highest quality plants appropriate for your site, one to two years lead time on a project is recommended

Customized seed collection: The Watershed Nursery custom collects seeds for your desired species. Seed collection is conducted within your watershed from plants growing in similar habitat conditions to your project site. The Watershed Nursery is committed to contributing to habitat value here in the Bay Area. Therefore, we collect seeds only from large populations rather than from solitary plants, and from various populations in the range specified for the project. Propagules are collected in compliance with applicable laws and permits issued by property owner

Experimental design: The Watershed Nursery establishes your planting design in a statistically viable manner to accomodate questions of diversity, abundance, percent native, change over time, survivorship and vigor

Species palette creation: The Watershed Nursery assists you in choosing the appropriate species for the habitat of your project whether it be a home garden or restoration site

Planting design: The Watershed Nursery provides both printed planting designs and field flag placement for wildland restoration projects. For home gardeners please visit our resources link to find local landscapers who use native plants

Project monitoring: The Watershed Nursery staff has over 18 years combined experience in vegetation and habitat monitoring in the Bay Area. We have performed monitoring to assess changes in percent cover, density and abundance, gathered field data for vegetation mapping, and surveyed populations of endangered species. We custom design and perform monitoring to assess compliance with project performance criteria for your project

Residential Riparian Restoration: The Watershed Nursery provides habitat enhancement and slope protection on creeks along private property. The specific services include removal of invasive weeds (e.g.: ivy, periwinkle, Himalayan blackberry); design, selection, and installation of local riparian native plants; erosion control and slope stabilization through bioengineering techniques.

Workshops/Presentations: The Watershed Nursery offers workshops and presentations on propagation, value of using natives, creation of community-based nurseries, and other topics applicable to habitat restoration efforts.