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Richmond Election Results

What a night!


After Obamaís early win and slow returns coming in from Contra Costa County, most people just went to bed not knowing the fate of Richmondís contests.


Here are the unofficial results with 59 of 59 precincts counted. However, I understand there may be a large number of provisional ballots that may not be counted for days or even weeks.


City Council (Pick 3)


Jeff Ritterman             16.18%            9,987

Nat Bates                    15.48%            9,556

Tom Butt                     15.28%            9,428

Jovanka Beckles        14.59%            9,002

John Marquez             12.85%            7.929

Corky Booze               9.95%              6,138

Harpreet Sandhu        7.56%              4,665

Rock Brown                3.49%              2,156

Chris Tallerico             2.42%              1,491

Navdeep Garcha        2.01%              1,243


Measure T (Business Tax Amendment)


Yes                              51.26%            12,646

No                               48.74%            12,026


Measure D (WCCUSD Parcel Tax)


Yes                              72.21%            50,392

No                               20.79               13,226


WCCUSD Board (Pick 2)


Antonio Medrano        30.74%            27,030

Tony Thurmond          29,28%            25,748

Karen Pfeifer              27.17%            23,893

Robert Studdiford       12.46%            10,960


Thanks so much to those of you who supported me and who supported Ritterman, Beckles and Measure T. This was a bit of a squeaker for me, but if the numbers hold up, this was, overall, a good election for the people of Richmond and a repudiation of the control Chevron and its surrogates have exercised over the city Council.