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Tallerico Drops Out of City Council Race

I received the following from Chris Tallerico this morning. Looks like he got home about the same time I did. Chris seems to be a decent guy who cares about Richmond. It is regretful that he got caught up in RPOA’s political style, and it took the wind out of him.


If anything good comes out of this, it would be a wakeup call for RPOA that the style of politics that has served them so well since Darrell Reese first ascended over two decades ago may have finally ended. Richmond truly deserves better.



From: Chris Tallerico [mailto:ctallerico@pacbell.net]
Sent: Wednesday, October 22, 2008 1:35 AM
To: Chris Tallerico
Subject: I'm droping out of the race...





As I'm sure you've read/heard, I've been absolutly vilified by the Green Party and the Richmond Progressive Alliance for being supported by the Richmond Police Officers Assoc.   

Members of the Green Party and the RPA, along with members of the Mayors campaign staff have labeled me as a racist and a fascist; accusations that have NO basis.  They've contacted my neighbors and pushed their outrageously false accusations on them...Andres Soto went so far as to send out a letter that called out where I send my children to school and called me a fascist!   Sick.........


2 weeks ago, Officer Moody was killed in the line of duty...Officer Moody was one of my best friends and I spoke at his funeral.  That evening, one of the Mayors campaign workers came to my house and told me it was "wholly inappropriate" for a sitting Police Commissioner to speak at the funeral the way I did and that she was going to do what ever she could to make sure I wasn't elected.  Sick..........


At tonight's Council meeting, I was again vilified and called a racist...More outrageously disgusting accusations with no basis.  I've been the guy saying that we need to treat EVERYONE the same.  How is that racist......??? 


What sickened me even more was when I heard Councilman Marquez say the reason he didn't denounce the RPOA mailer was out of "respect" for Officer Moody who had been killed in the line of duty but that he was going to denounce it now.  Disgusting...Absolutely disgusting!  Leave the dead police officer, who you didn't even KNOW, out of your politics!


When I decided to run for Council, I really wanted to make a change...I've been here for the bulk of my life and truly care about the City.  However, at this point, I am sorry I ever ran...While I stick to the issues, people like Andres Soto, Charles Smith and Juan Reardon spread hateful lies about me and candidates like Jovanka Beckles, Jeff Ritterman and Tom Butt spin the truth to make me look bad.  I'm just not cut out for this...


I'm officially withdrawing from the City Council Race effective immediately. 


I will more than likely resign from the Police Commission as well...as the politics will carry over and I've had enough...I'm trully beaten down and cant take anymore.  I also fundamentally disagree with direction the Police Commission is going and find it difficult to sit through the meetings.


I appreciate the support you've given me and I apologize if I've let you down.