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New Political Newsletter Includes Surprising Measure T Supporter

Click here for the October 9 issue of Activist Info, a newsletter supporting the Campaigns for Measure T and Ritterman and Beckles for City Council.


Of particular interest is a statement in support of Measure T by Vetrazzo. It wasn’t too long ago that the Chevron/Council of Industries/Chamber of Commerce crowd were hoisting Vetrazzo as their poster child example of a local, green manufacturing company that would be adversely impacted by Measure T.


Now they are desperately searching for a new poster child because Vetrazzo has come out in favor of Measure T.


Vetrazzo has been winning national recognition and awards for its main product, countertops made from recycled glass. Located in the former Ford assembly plant building It represents exactly the kind of manufacturing Richmond needs. See www.Vertrazzo.com .


Vetrazzo President James Shephard has announced that the company is supporting Measure T:


“Although our company may pay a few dollars a day more in taxes under Measure T, we believe the benefits to us from enhancement of City services with an additional $26 million in revenue will far outweigh that nominal cost and will make our employees safer and improve their quality of life. This is a good investment. Richmond is making great strides in building a base in Green Business and Measure T will enable the City to move even faster in building the economy of the future. We wish the City success with the measure”