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Political Mud Slinging Begins

The first hit piece of the Richmond Political season comes to you courtesy of the Richmond Police Officers Association.   Click here for a copy. The flyer promotes the candidacies of Nat Bates and Chris Tallerico while trying to label Jovanka Beckles and Dr. Jeff Ritterman with “arrogant disrespect for public safety,” a charge for which there is no basis. The flyer erroneously states that Juan Reardon is the campaign manager for both Beckles and Ritterman, which also has no basis.


Regardless of how anyone feels about enforcement of certain laws (see Undocumented Immigrants and Driver's Licenses, September 22, 2008), there is no excuse for using the issue in such a blatantly racial manner. Even if the Richmond Police Officers Association is going to wallow in the mud of this campaign, we would at least expect them to do it accurately.