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Check Out New City Business Card
August 10, 2008

After pondering a change in the City’s slogan and logo (see The Verdict is In - Get a new Logo and Slogan! July 7, 2008 and  Slogans and Logos - Time for a Change? July 6, 2008) I decided to test drive a new design for my own City of Richmond business card, so I had some printed up. So far, the reaction is positive. To see a comparison with the traditional City of Richmond business card, Click here.

My new card features the City’s original 103-year old official seal, which is still affixed to City of Richmond legal documents. Neither the currently used logo nor the slogan “City of Pride and Purpose’ were ever adopted by action of the City Council. It’s important to note that the seal is not intended as a logo, but the official seals of government agencies are widely used on business cards of those agencies. My card also features the slogan “We can do it,” which is as appropriate today as it was 65 years ago – a message of both hope and confidence. I also added at the bottom of the card, “Home of Rosie the Riveter WWII Home Front National Historical Park,” a distinction that is uniquely Richmond and evokes a positive response from all who see it.

The Chamber of Commerce and city staff agree that we need a new logo, and they are jointly meeting with potential consultants to design not only a new logo, but also a motto or slogan. I hope that local graphic designers and marketing professional are provided an opportunity to participate. This matter was discussed at the July Finance Committee meeting and will be reviewed again by the Committee in September or October.