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Green Chamber of Commerce Comes to Richmond

The Green Chamber of Commerce is organizing an event called “Greening Richmond – A Community Battles Global Warming,” Sunday, October 21st, from 1-5 p.m. at DeJean Middle School in Richmond.

This event is designed to help residents and business owners learn about global warming and they can do to battle it. It is something like the Green Fest in San Francisco but much smaller and with a far greater local focus.

Greening Richmond will begin with a forty-minute program. It will then feature displays from businesses that offer products and services such as solar panels, energy-efficient lights and fixtures, biodiesel fuel, tankless water heaters, low flush toilets and sustainable household products. It will include organizations such as SmartLights (which helps small businesses convert to compact fluorescent lights), EBMUD, and BART, as well as local conservation groups.

Sierra Magazine columnist Bob Schildgen ("Hey Mr. Green!"), Award-winning green architect David Arkin, Assemblywoman Loni Hancock and Richmond Mayor Gayle McLaughlin are all scheduled to speak.

For information, call James Carter at 510 219-7211, or visit the web site at: www.greenchamberofcommerce.net.