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High Security at Chevron

The article below caught my attention, noting the high level of security at our local refinery, a designated high value terrorism target. Apparently, Chevron canít keep detained suspects within the refinery. We also doubt if they can keep them out. Click here for a security quiz. The Homeland Security Threat Level is Elevated (Yellow). Can you identify the high security fence that stands between Chevron and the terrorist world at the Richmond Long Wharf? Hint: itís the large photo in the middle, depicting a five foot-high rusted chain link fence with the barbed wire rusted away at the top and a large hole dug under the bottom. Perhaps the fleeing photographer exited the refinery here and made his escape posing as a simple Point Richmond beachcomber. If you see this suspicious character, contact http://eastbaytewg.org immediately.

Oil and Water

Richmond Refinery snapper eludes capture

By Anneli Rufus 

Published: July 11, 2007

Capable of refining 240,000 barrels of crude oil a day, Chevron's 2,900-acre Richmond Refinery is the Bay Area's biggest. It's not pretty. Nor is the big ol' black-hulled, Chevron-flagged tanker Colorado Voyager, which was moored there late last month. So fishiness was afoot when a contract security guard working aboard the Voyager was caught in illegal possession of a camera. It was seized and its film removed. But "while being detained, the subject escaped and fled the scene," reads a report from the East Bay Terrorism Early Warning Group (EastBayTEWG.org). The two-year-old joint venture involving Alameda and Contra Costa county law enforcement is one of many such groups forming nationwide. In an outreach program launched this week, the venture's 250 Terrorism Liaison Officers introduced themselves to local owners of the types of businesses typically linked with terrorist activities: hotels, motels, scuba shops, and vehicle-rental and self-storage outfits. "If business owners know their local TLOs personally, they'll feel more comfortable calling us if they see anything suspicious," duty officer Kelly Wilson says. "We want that face-to-face contact."