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June 2, 2007


To:       The all of my friends, citizens of Richmond and Contra Costa County


From:   Bob Campbell, Assemblyman, retired


Re:       Up coming event for Richmond City Councilman

            Harpreet Sandhu, (see the attached invite)


I would like to invite you to come to a fundraising event for a long time friend of mine, Harpreet Sandhu who was appointed to the Richmond City Council only a few months ago. When I first met Harpreet some 20 plus years ago I knew he had the special combination of humility, intellect, compassion and integrity that is missing in so many human beings these days. A person, though kind and thoughtful, has demonstrated that he has the toughness of his convictions and yet has the ability to work with others in collaboration; ultimately what those elected to public office are supposed to do.


I have no illusions that the 2008 Richmond City Council Campaign will be an easy one, it will be a big challenge for Harpreet to win, but I believe the citizens of the City of Richmond are fair minded, tolerant of those that are different than them and want the best persons to represent them; in the end we can only hope that he will be judged by his works and not by who and what we think he is.


Thank you for your kind consideration of this request


P.S.      If you would be so kind, I would appreciate it if you could send this note and the attached invitation to those on your e-mail list.








Monday, July 9, 2007


    5:30 -7:30 pm @

M. A. Hays Co. Inc.

 232 BROADWAY,  

Richmond, Ca. 94804


                                                RSVP:  236-5823


                  Contributions:  Per person: $50.00    Friend:  $100.00

                                      Sponsor: $250.00       Host: $500.00

                                      I want to make history: $1,000.00                                                                                                              


Name: __________________________Company/Group:___________________


            Address: ____________________________________Number coming:________


            Occupation: (law required)____________________Work Phone:____________

          Home Phone: ________________Email:________________________________


            I endorse Harpreet Sandhu for Richmond City Council. If yes, please sign:______________________________________________

            Take sign: ______Volunteer:____________  Enclosed Contribution: $_______

            Sorry, I canít come but here is my contribution:  $_____________


          Mail to:  the Many Friends of Harpreet Sandhu,   P.O. Box 455, Station A, Richmond CA.. 94808 Attention, Stacy Owens, Treasurer      ID# 1298457

                                                   Donated labor





Maria T. Viramontes

For Richmond City Council


End Mariaís Campaign Debt Event

Monday, June 25, 2007


      5-7 pm @



3101  Garrity Way

                          RICHMOND, Hilltop neighborhood


                                                RSVP:  236-5977

                  Contributions:  Per person: $50.00    Friend $50.00 now & $50.00 pledge

                                      Sponsor: $250.00       Host: $500.00  

You love my work  $1,000.00 Plus


Name: __________________________Company/Group:___________________


            Address: ____________________________________Number coming:________


            Occupation: (law required)____________________Work Phone:____________

          Home Phone: ________________Email:________________________________


            Endorse MTV for election if yes, please sign:____________________________

           Enclosed Contribution: $_______

            Sorry, canít come but here is my contribution:  $_____________


          Mail:  Friends of Maria T. Viramontes,   P.O. Box 266, Station A, Richmond

                 CA.. 94808        Attention: Stacy Owens, Treasurer      ID# 1235990

                                                   Donated labor