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  Open Government Laws
March 27, 2005

This week, the Institute for Local Government http://www.ilsg.org/ is mailing copies of its new pamphlet "The ABCs of Open Government Laws" to city clerks for distribution to elected officials in their cities.  The packets should be arriving in a week or so, care of each city's clerk.  The Institute is the nonprofit research arm of the League of California Cities; this publication is a product of the Institute's Public Confidence Project (www.ilsg.org/trust).


 The pamphlet summarizes key areas of the Brown Act and the Public Records Act of interest to elected officials.  An annotated version of the pamphlet is also available online http://www.ilsg.org/index.jsp?displaytype=&section=conf&zone=ilsg&sub_sec=conf_public.


Those local officials interested in learning more about these laws are encouraged to visit the  " public processes "  section of the ethics portion of the Institute ' s website: http://www.ilsg.org/trust, which includes links to electronic versions of the League ' s Open and Public http://www.cacities.org/resource_files/22237.O&PFinal2000Ind.PDF  publication and the new Attorney General publications on open government laws (click on  " resources for further information http://www.cacities.org/index.jsp?zone=ilsg&previewStory=23050"  at the bottom of the page). 


The Institute is grateful to the Kronick, Moskovitz, Tiedemann and Girard http://www.kmtg.com/index.htm law firm, whose financial support of the Institute made this publication and its distribution possible. The Institute's work is supported by grants, private sector contributions, the League, publications sales and individual contributions. 


Celebrating its 50th year of service to local officials, the Institute ' s mission is to develop forward-thinking resources to assist local officials in their service to their communities.  For more information about the Institute and its work, please visit www.ilsg.org.  We welcome your feedback.



 JoAnne Speers

 Executive Director

 Institute for Local (Self)* Government

 Direct Dial: 916.658.8233