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  Crumbling Sewers?
January 10, 2005

A reader asked me today, “When is the City of Richmond going to address its crumbling sewer system?” I wanted to respond in the E-FORUM because there is actually good news here. The City of Richmond’s Wastewater Plant and collection system serves only 60% of the City. The maintenance of the collection system was recently turned over to Veolia (formerly U.S. Filter), the company that operates the treatment plant. There are millions of dollars in the capital improvement account of Richmond’s Wastewater District No. 1 to maintain and upgrade sewers. If you have a sewer emergency or simply want to provide information about a “crumbling” sewer that needs to be repaired or replaced, contact information is provided below:


You can also email Veolia at Christopher_mcauliffe@veoliawater.com.

Someone from the Collection System Maintenance Crew will be dispatched to service the line.  


Please have ready the following information to help expedite your call:           

Your Name
Phone number where you can be reached
Closest Cross Street


For your safety, please never open a sewer manhole!  Please call us first if you experience any of these inconveniences (510) 231-3010 

1. Sewer Stoppage
Overflowing manhole
Manhole cover off/broken
Noisy manhole
Riser cover off/broken
Sewer odor
Broken line
Cave in
Flood: street, basement, living area
Open manholes


Not all the sewers in the City of Richmond come to the same waste water plant.  If you live in the northern half of Richmond (approximately north of Rheem) the sewers are maintained by the West County Sanitation District and flow to the waste water plant on Garden Tract by the landfill.  You can reach them at: 

West County Wastewater District
2910 Hilltop Drive
Richmond, CA
(510) 222-6700


If you live in the southern part of the Richmond “Annex” the sewers are maintained by Stege Sanitation District, and flow to the EBMUD waste water plant located near the Oakland San Francisco Bridge.  You can reach them at:


Stege Sanitation District
7500 Schmidt Lane
Mailing address:       P.O. Box 537
                               El Cerrito, CA 94530
Emergency Service: (510) 524-4667
Office phone: (510) 524-4668



If you are unsure which collection system you are in please see the district address list.

If you would like to connect up to a main line through your lateral, please contact David Wilson in Engineering, (510) 307-8173.