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November 13, 2004

Following are two reports from TRAC. The first is the Third Quarter 2004 report and the second is announcement of a $301,000 grant and a summary of grant funding to date. An updated map is attached as a PDF file.




Richmond Bay Trail Report Third Quarter 2004

Richmond Bay Trail Network,

The third quarter has been a very challenging one for the Bay Trail in Richmond.  As the comic strip character Pogo Possum once said "We are faced with insurmountable opportunities."  Read on to see what we mean.

Point San Pablo Peninsula:  Harrah's, Indian tribes and ChevronTexaco are battling for the future of Point Molate and the rest of the Point San Pablo Peninsula with five miles of shoreline park and Bay Trail at stake.  An African proverb warns, "When elephants fight it is the grass that suffers."  TRAC, the Trails for Richmond Action Committee, is working to protect the publicıs turf.  Any outcome must ensure completion of the planned Bay Trail spur running north from I-580 along the shoreline to the Point San Pablo Yacht Harbor, as well as provide a large public access park and recreational open space on the western half of the peninsula.

Richmond Parkway Bay Trail Gap:  A construction design and bid package has been completed for filling the gap in the Bay Trail between Pennsylvania and Gertrude Avenues.  Even though TRAC has secured sufficient grant money for this $394K project, Richmond's Finance Dept. has held up the project due to cash flow concerns relating to requirements of reimbursable grants.  Richmond's Engineering Department is working to resolve this issue so that a construction bid request may be issued.

Ferry Point Tunnel to Miller/Knox Regional Shoreline:  A construction design and bid package has been completed for widening the narrow elevated sidewalk through the Ferry Point tunnel and the sidewalk along Dornan Drive to the Bay Trail entering Miller/Knox Regional Shoreline.  TRAC is working to find funds for construction.

These are just a few examples of the "insurmountable opportunities" faced in completing the Bay Trail in Richmond.  In total, TRAC is engaged with 15 active projects in various stages of planning, negotiation and regulatory review to fill gaps remaining in Richmondıs Bay Trail.  Seven of these projects are on public land, and eight are on lands where cooperation by special districts and the private sector is crucial.

Rather than going into detail on all of the projects underway, TRAC simply reminds you to get out and enjoy Richmondıs shoreline parks and existing 20 miles of Bay Trail.  We understand instinctively that biking, walking and running along the Bay shoreline is good for our minds and bodies.  However, it is less obvious that walking improves cognitive function.  Two papers published in the September issue of Journal of the American Medical Association (http://jama.ama-assn.org/current.dtl) found that elderly women and men who walk regularly, even as little as 1-1/2 miles per week, have a higher level of cognitive function and were less likely to suffer cognitive decline.  For example, men who walked less than 1/4 mile/day were almost twice as likely to suffer dementia compared with those who walked more than 2 miles per day.  So, stay sharp mentally and physically by getting out to enjoy the Bay Trail using the attached map as a guide.

Measure CC:  On November 2, please vote for East Bay Regional Park Districtıs Measure CC.   For homeowners, this is a $12 annual parcel tax in the zone west of the Berkeley hills in the cities running from Pinole to Oakland and Alameda.  Voters in this zone strongly supported prior EBRPD parcel tax proposals, which narrowly failed to obtain the needed 2/3 vote.  The tax will sunset after 15 years.  About 31% of the revenues will be allocated for Regional Park, Bay Trail and habitat restoration projects in Richmond, including Brooks Island, Kennedy Grove, Miller/Knox, Point Molate, Point Pinole, Point Isabel, and Wildcat Canyon.   New Bay Trail projects include Keller Beach to the lagoon in Miller/Knox, Point  San Pablo Peninsula, Wildcat Creek to San Pablo Creek, and connections with Point Pinole Regional Shoreline.

Thank you for supporting completion of the Bay Trail in Richmond.  Please share this report with your friends and neighbors who also might wish to join the Richmond Bay Trail Network.  

More good news!  The Association of Bay Area Govnments Bay Trail Project has awarded Richmond a $301K grant for the Ferry Point Tunnel Bay Trail project. Ferry Point tunnel is the Bay Trail gateway to Miller/Knox Regional Shoreline.  However, the elevated sidewalk shared by both pedestrians and bicyclists in this tunnel is narrow, dark and unsafe.  A previous ABAG Bay Trail Project grant funded completion of a construction design and bid package for doubling the width of the Ferry Point tunnel trail and increasing trail width along Dornan Drive to Miller/Knox Regional Shoreline.  The new $301K grant will fund complete this project while also adding new lighting in the tunnel

As summarized below, TRAC, the Trails for Richmond Action Committee, grant applications have brought $ 1.4 million in grants to the City to plan, design and build Bay Trail projects with associated shoreline park land.

Bay Trail Design and Construction Grants - $1159K
ABAG Bay Trail Project $771K
Bay Area Air Quality Management District $100K                               
California State Parks Recreational Trail Program $189K
Regional Water Quality Control Board $91K
National Park Service Rivers, Trails and Conservation Assistance Program technical assistance
West Contra Costa Transportation Advisory Committee $8K

Point San Pablo Peninsula Open Space Study - $170K
California Coastal Conservancy $100K
East Bay Regional Park District $40K
Federal Land, Water & Conservation Fund $30K

Boat Ramp Street Public Access Improvements - $65K
American Canoe Association  $1K
Bay Conservation & Development Commission $9K
California Department of Boating and Waterways $50K
Point Richmond Business Association & Neighborhood Council $5K

TRAC gives profound thanks to all of these grantors.  It should be noted that these grants not only create new recreational opportunities, they also bring business and jobs to Richmond since most of the funds have been used to retain local businesses.


Bruce, David and Nancy
Bruce Beyaert, TRAC Chair
David Dolberg and Nancy Strauch, TRAC Vice Chairs

Phone/Fax 510-235-2835
Email: tracbaytrail@earthlink.net
Web: official site: http://www.ci.richmond.ca.us/trac/
unofficial site:  http://www.pointrichmond.com/baytrails/