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  Last of Three Railroad Initiatives on City Council Agenda
July 2, 2004

On April 13, 2004, the City Council passed Resolution 62-04, authorizing certain actions intended to result in the establishment of Quiet Zones at grade crossings where rail traffic passes through Richmond and to provide a solution to the long trains that back up traffic in south Richmond. No follow-up action has been taken by City staff on either because of the City’s concentration on the budget and deficit problem. A copy of Resolution 62-04 is attached in the PDF file labeled “Resolution Long Trains and Quiet Zones.”


The third and final piece of enabling legislation to address problems caused by trains will be on the July 6, 2004, City Council agenda. It will address the sounding of horns for train movements within yards and is attached as the PDF file labeled “Agenda Request Form Horns.”


Those who want to resolve the negative impacts on quality of life related to rail operations within Richmond are urged to show up and support in person at the July 6 City Council meeting (best thing) or at least contact your City Council members to urge their support. City Council contact information is at http://www.ci.richmond.ca.us/government/terms.html.


I don’t know when the City will have the funds or the motivation to pursue this, but the foundation has been laid. I have encouraged several citizens to consider forming an organization to raise funds to engage a consultant and/or legal counsel to prepare the paperwork on behalf of the City in order to get this started. If you are interested, contact Dr. Louis Hagler at louishagler@aol.com.