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  How to Get a Speed Bump
April 10, 2004

Frequently, residents inquire about how to get a “speed bump” (speed control undulation) installed. In 1996, the City Council passed Resolution 62-96 that prescribes the procedure, which is copied below.

There are, however, some updates and helpful hints:

  • The resolution refers to the “Neighborhood Council Coordinator.” Due to reorganizations and layoffs, that position is either gone or soon will be. I recommend, instead, simply contacting the City Manager’s Office (510/620-6512) for assistance.
  • Due to shrinking staff, the more work on this that can be done by the applicant, the sooner it will happen. Prepare the petitions and get signatures, get written support of adjacent property owners/occupants, get on the neighborhood council agenda, get a letter from the neighborhood council evidencing the vote of support, and provide a parcel map showing the proposed location and the parcels owned or occupied by the persons signing the petition. You can download maps from the City’s GIS site at http://www.ci.richmond.ca.us/GIS/, but it’s slow and not user friendly. You might do better to go down to City hall and have the maps created by the GIS staff. See http://www.ci.richmond.ca.us/GIS/products.html.
  • “Consensus” has been deemed to consist of a petition of 75% of residents on the block supporting the undulation and a majority vote of the Neighborhood Council.
  • To get on a neighborhood Council agenda, contact the president. A list can be found at http://www.ci.richmond.ca.us/Public/affairs/richmond_neighborhood_councils.htm.
  • Throughout the process, put everything in writing, and keep a record of who on City staff was contacted and when. Speed undulation requests are notorious for being lost in the bureaucracy.
  • The address of the City Engineer is:

Rich Davidson

1401 Marina Way South

Richmond, CA 94804

Tel:  510-307-8091

Fax: 510-307-8116



Criteria for Installation of Speed Control Undulations (from Resolution 62-96)

  1. The street must be a residential neighborhood street with no industrial or commercial properties.
  2. The street cannot be a major collector or arterial street.
  3. Prevailing speed limit on the street must not exceed 25 mph.
  4. Undulations cannot be installed over manholes, valves or monuments.
  5. Undulations cannot be located within 25 feet of a fire hydrant.
  6. Undulations cannot be located within 10 feet of driveways.
  7. Undulations cannot be located within a street curve or a corner radius.
  8. Emergency services (Fire and police) must approve the location.
  9. City shall notify residents and Neighborhood Council on the affected street of any proposal to install a peed Control Undulation.
  10. Neighborhood Council must have a consensus of neighborhood support for the specific locations and need to install Speed Control Undulations.
  11. Owner-residents of adjacent properties must support the location.
  12. City Council must approve installation of a Speed Control Undulation.
  13. Installation must be in accordance with City Standards and Criteria for Installation of Speed Control Undulations.

Procedures for Installation of Speed Control Undulations (from Resolution 62-96)

  1. Initial proposal for installation of Speed Control Undulations shall be routed to the City Traffic Engineer and Neighborhood Council Coordinator for processing.
  2. Traffic Engineer shall review the proposed installation fro compliance with City Standards and Criteria for installation of Speed Control Undulations.
  3. Neighborhood Council Coordinator shall notify residents of proposal, obtain Neighborhood Council recommendation, confirm neighborhood consensus and obtain adjacent property owner-resident consensus.
  4. Traffic Engineer will notify emergency services and public transit agencies of proposal and obtain their recommendations.
  5. Traffic Engineer and Neighborhood Council Coordinator will prepare a staff report and recommendation to City Council.
  6. City Council will approve or deny all proposed installations for Speed Control Undulations.
  7. Traffic Engineer will prepare Work Request to Public Works Department Operations and maintenance Division for installation of approved Speed Control Undulations.