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After First 6 Months, U.S. Filter Gets an "A"
January 19, 2003

After taking over operation of the City of Richmond Sewer District No. 1 Wastewater Treatment Plant on June 17, 2002, U.S. Filter has earned an "A" for performance. Based on a report rendered to the City Council on January 14 by Public Services Director Rich McCoy:

  • After a record of expensive fines for effluent violations when the City was in charge, U.S. Filter has consistently met water quality standards.

  • Capital improvements are within budget and ahead of schedule.

  • All City employees who applied have been hired by U.S. Filter, and  70% of staff are Richmond residents.

  • Staffing levels are only 60% of when the City operated the plant.

  • U.S. Filter is operating the plant for a service fee that was the low bid when they were selected. Taxpayers are getting the best deal available.

Solving the daunting challenges facing the wastewater treatment plant is a challenge I and my City Council colleagues have been fighting since 1997. Raising sewer fees to rehabilitate the crumbling plant and collection system was highly controversial, becoming a major campaign issue in the 1999 election. Choosing among three bidders for the operation of the plant was similarly controversial, but it now looks like we made the right decision for Richmond.

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