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Envision Point Richmond
April 17, 2002

All are invited to the “Envision Point Richmond” workshop described below. This could serve as a model for other Richmond neighborhoods to begin to shape their future and therefore may be of interest to neighborhood activists city-wide.


You are invited to attend the first community workshop for ENVISION POINT RICHMOND! on Saturday April 20th, 2002 from 10:00 am – 2:30 pm. This business and community forum will be held at the Quality Inn, located at 915 West Cutting in Point Richmond. The event is being underwritten through a grant provided by the Point Richmond Business Association as part of The PRIDE Fund. If you own property or a business in the Point, do not miss this opportunity to help create a vibrant, sustainable business community!

What is the intent of the workshop?

Quite simply, it is to discuss in an open community forum, the dreams and visions for the future of downtown Point Richmond, and lay the seeds for a ‘Town Strategy.’ To the casual observer, it may appear that the health of the business community is strong, with several new buildings under construction and the recent grand opening of the new restaurant Suzhou. These are encouraging developments, but there is still a lack of strong foot traffic, particularly in the evening and weekend daytime hours. Planned retail construction in Marina Bay has the potential to erode market share for some Point businesses. Point Richmond is blessed with a very walkable downtown that includes an eclectic mix of businesses within a rich historical setting. Should this mix remain the same? Should there be more retail and less office at the ground floor, and what about parking? Should there be more housing opportunities? TELL US YOUR VISION!

What are the Goals of the Workshop?

• To understand what makes small communities like the Point successful
• To understand the issues and challenges which impact business health in the Point
• To recognize the inherent strengths and opportunities of the Point Richmond business climate and location
• To brainstorm ideas and strategies that will sustain a long-term vision for the Point

What will happen after the Workshop?

The Workshop results will be summarized in a small report available through the Point Richmond Business Association. A Committee of the Association will be charged with moving the recommendations of the vision ideas forward.

Finally, we would like to hear from you:

Please fill in the enclosed questionnaire and return to us with the self-addressed stamped envelope. On behalf of the ENVISION POINT RICHMOND! Steering Committee, we look forward to your attendance at this important community event.


Point Richmond Business Association
Point Richmond Neighborhood Council