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Election Time Again
February 1, 2002
It seems only yesterday that we had an election, but the next one is only a month away. Thank goodness I'm not participating. I do, however, want to pass along some information about some of the candidates and why I believe they deserve your consideration.

MIKE MENESINI is a candidate for DISTRICT ATTORNEY, CONTRA COSTA COUNTY. If you wish to contact Mike or receive additional information, email him at menesiniforda@aol.com .

The District Attorney is officially the chief law enforcement officer in the county. While the charging and prosecution of crimes is the major effort of the District Attorney it is also important that the District Attorney make every effort possible to prevent crime from occurring.

Mike Menesini has been a Bay Areas leader in addressing both of these important goals.

Mike Menesini has been a District Attorney for eighteen years in both Contra Costa and San Francisco, working his way up the ladder from Deputy to his current position of Assistant District Attorney. Mike has supervised trial teams, worked with abused children and has held many responsible positions in the offices. He was a police office, legislative analyst and member of the US Army. His trial record of convictions is one of the highest in recent history. In other words, Mike has taken more cases to trial and won a conviction than most of his peers.

While Mike's record of prosecuting crime is excellent, his skills at addressing the broader issues relating to crime prevention through early intervention has been innovative.

The first Community based prosecution program was opened by Mike in San Francisco's toughest neighborhood, Sixth Street, on January 7, 2002. Here Mike opened and manages the first Community Prosecution office in the Bay Area. It is an office where the District Attorney is located in the community where he works with citizens, the police and a wide variety of other agencies all geared towards addressing behavior leading to crime in a comprehensive way. The office Mike manages works with citizens to see that drugs, violence and other criminal behavior is directly and quickly addressed on the streets where the action occurs.

The District Attorney of San Francisco personally picked Mike to open and operate the first Community based office because of his broad experience and skills in prosecution, community organization, police work and in knowing how to bring together a wide variety of complimentary resources to address criminal behavior at the root.

Mike Menesini is also concerned about other important issues which have not been vigorously pursued in Contra Costa County.

Environmental prosecution is and should be an area which can be more actively pursued by the District Attorney. There is no reason why irresponsible individuals and organizations should not be civilly and criminally prosecuted for degrading our natural resources.

The election of 2002 will be the first time in many decades that the position of District Attorney will not be held by an incumbent. Instead it is now a time for a new, innovative and experienced Assistant District Attorney to bring forward successful ideas and programs to make the office of the District Attorney better and more responsive to the community.

The above information was provided by the Mike Menesini campaign.