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Streets To Be Paved Or Sealed In 2002
December 23, 2001
Following is a list of streets under contract to be paved or sealed in 2002. I hope you find yours there.
City of Richmond 2001 Pavement Repairs

Street to be Paved/Slurried Limits
Blume Dr Klose Way to  Richmond Parkway
Richmond Parkway San Pablo to Blume Dr
Robert H Miller San Pablo to Hilltop Mall Rd
Valley View Rd Morningside to N City limits
Keith Dr Valley View Rd to Fran Way
Amend Rd Castro Ranch Rd to Tavelini
Morningside Rd Valley View Rd to End
May Rd North Valley View Rd to Painted Pony
13th St Roosevelt to Pennsylvania 
14th St Pennsylvania to Burbeck 
Castro St Tewksbury to E. Richmond
Railroad Ave Tewksbury to E. Richmond
Nevin Ave/A St Garrard to B/Nevin to Barrett
Ripley Ave/5th St Garrard to 7th/Barrett to Ripley
1st St/2nd St Ripleyh to End/Barrett to End
Dunn Ave/15th St 13th to 23rd
Pine Ave/25th/26th 23rd to 26th
Gaynor Ave 23rd to 30th
Wendell 23rd to 25th
Andrade Ave 23rd to 25th
39th St Clinton to Garvin
Garvin Ave 40th to 41st
McBryde Ave Ralston to Park
24th St Barrett to Grant
27th St Barrett to Roosevelt
35th St Barrett to Clinton
Clinton Ave 30th to 35th
Cerrito Ave 35th to 37th
Tehama Ave Carlson to San Pablo
Sutter Ave Carlson to San Pablo
Fresno Ave Carlson to San Pablo
Columbia Ave Carlson to San Pablo
Central/Rydin Central to End
Carlson Ave Meade to Bayview
31st St Erlandson to Potrero
32nd St Erlandson to Potrero
33rd St Erlandson to Potrero
Meeker  Marina Bay to End
Marina Bay Parkway Meeker to Cutting
35th St Barrett to Ohio
36th St MacDonald to Nevin
38th St MacDonald to Barrett
6th St Ohio to Virginia
Streets w/new curb/curb rebuild  
Street  Limits
Ripley Ave 1st St to 6th St-selected locations
32nd St Erlandson to Potrero-selected locations
33rd St Erlandson to Potrero-selected locations