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Thank You
November 7, 2001
For those of you who supported our campaign for mayor of Richmond with your time, your money, your endorsements, your votes and your best wishes, I want to thank you.

I am proud of the way we ran our campaign. Placing second in a field of four experienced and well-known candidates in Richmondís most expensive mayoral race ever was gratifying, considering:

  • Our campaign was the least expensive overall and the least expensive per vote.
  • We had no help from the traditional large and well-financed independent PACs and unions, which spent hundreds of thousands of dollars assisting our opposition. Much of this PAC support, as usual in Richmond, violated FPPC regulations because of candidate collaboration. I would like to thank the only PAC that supported us, the Richmond Chamber of Commerce Political Action Committee (RichPAC).
  • We ran the cleanest campaign of any of the mayoral candidates.
  • We had almost no support from the local political establishment.

As you know, I will continue to serve on the City Council for two more years. I have personally loaned our campaign some $40,000. Additional contributions will be gladly accepted to help retire the debt.

Having run such a challenging campaign with so little help from established interests has been very liberating and has strengthened my bonds with the ordinary citizens of Richmond, 3,181 of which thought our vision was compelling.


Tom Butt