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Final Wastewater Bid Analysis Available
October 20, 2001
The final Wastewater bid analysis provided by the Wastewater Evaluation Committee is now available. The committee consists of Malcolm Hunter, Paul Eisenhardt, Richard King, Rich McCoy, Rod Satre and Anna Vega, with evaluation consultants Jim Bewley, David Earley and Pio Lombardo.

The 20-year Net Present Value (NPV) of each proposal is as follows:

EarthTech $49,111,000
EBMUD $59,938,000
Richmond $60,540,000
US Filter $39,428,000

Based on cost alone, it appears that the least cost alternative is US Filter, and the most costly alternative is the City of Richmond, with EBMUD just behind.

If you wish to have a downloadable PDF file of the summary, let me know.

The City Council will make the final decision which alternative to accept.