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Security Of The Chevron Refinery
October 9, 2001

A number of constituents have expressed concern about security of the Chevron refinery. Chevron tells us that they are not discussing publicly their security measures for obvious reasons. They have informed us that they have always had comprehensive security plans, and in light of recent events, they have heightened their security. The refinery continues to work/coordinate with security officials, the Richmond Police Dept. in particular, on security matters. Requests for additional information regarding Chevron should be addressed to Marielle Boortz at 510/242-2400.

Richmond Police Chief Joseph Samuels met with Richmond management staff earlier this week to discuss preparation and response capabilities. The Richmond Police Department will have a written plan in place by Wednesday evening that encompasses more than just Chevron. It is unknown at this time what parts, if any, of the plan will be publicly released. Chief Samuels has also met with the security manager at Chevron, and officers have stepped up their visibility and coordination at the site.