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Constituent Inquiries
October 3, 2001

The following items are in answer to recent questions received from constituents:

1. Community Policing: A Community Policing Advisory Board will be appointed by the City Council to report monthly to the City Council on the progress of community policing implementation. Each City Council member will appoint one member. Several others will come from other organizations, such as the Police Commission. A resolution authorizing the Community Policing Advisory Board will be on the October 9 City Council agenda. PLEASE CONTACT ME IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN BEING MY APPOINTEE AND TELL ME BRIEFLY WHY YOU WISH TO SERVE.

2. Campaign Finance Reporting: All but one candidate for mayor turned in a completed Form 460 by the September 29 deadline. One report is still outstanding.

3. City Manager Isiah Turner's wife, Penny, will conclude her employment with U.S. Filter this week.

4. City Councilman Richard Griffin and aspiring city council member Corky Booze, both candidates for a City Council seat in the November 6 election, have had "words" over the last several days. Based on information provided by the individuals, Booze feels that he has been maligned, and Griffin reports that he has been threatened. Apparently due to a potential perception of a conflict of interest, Richmond Police Chief Joseph Samuels deferred to Contra Costa County to investigate Griffin's complaint.

5. Information about railroad and train-related problems, including delays, in Point Richmond can be found at the web page http://www.pointrichmond.com/train/index.htm. Unfortunately, the City of Richmond has no direct authority over train operation, including noise. Complaints about excessive horn blowing during the night should be directed to Lena Kent, Director of Public Affairs, BNSF, at 909/386-4140 and the CPUC, 320 West 4th Street, Suite 500, Los Angeles, CA 90013, (213) 576-7058, email stl@cpuc.ca.gov. The CPUC rule on horns is in the attached file. Note that the Rule states: "In a city, the ringing of the bell or the sounding of the steam whistle, air siren, or air whistle shall be at the discretion of the operator of the locomotive engine."