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New Customer Service Hotline
June 13, 2001


In an effort to provide better response to citizen complaints and requests for service, a new ďCity Managerís Customer Service HotlineĒ has been established at 510/231-3031. It is supposed to be fully staffed with a live person Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM. On nights and weekends, messages left on voice mail are supposed to receive next day response.

My advice for such requests continues to be as follows.

1.   If you know the specific department or individual you need to reach, call, write, fax or email them. Always keep a copy of a written request and, for a verbal request, keep a record of the City staff member contacted, the time of the contact and the request made. In my opinion, written requests, including email, are preferable, because they provide a full record of the contact. A City directory with phone numbers and email addresses is available on the City of Richmond website at http://www.ci.richmond.ca.us/depart.htm

2.   If you donít know the specific department or individual you need to reach, call the City Managerís Customer Service Hotline at 510/231-3031 or email the City Manager at isiah_turner@ci.richmond.ca.us. I still recommend a written follow-up or confirmation for any phone call. 

3.   If you do not receive a response or see that action has been taken in a reasonable time, you can contact me, and I will follow up. For my efforts to be most effective, I recommend that you provide me a written summary of the problem and who you contacted at the City and when. The best way to do this is email (tom.butt@intres.com). 

 I would be interested in hearing what your success is with the new Hotline.