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Shoreline Marketing Plan
April 8, 2001

I was asked by several readers who are the members appointed to the Shoreline Plan Citizens Advisory Committee. This is the committee charged with providing input to the consultant, Bryan Grunwald Associates, for the Shoreline Plan (see TOM BUTT E-FORUM March 30, 2001). The committee consists of the following representatives, preceded by the area or organization each represents. Alternates are not listed. 

* Parchester: Jelani Dotson, 510/486-8316

* Shields-Reid: Marena Brown, 510/233-4579

* Point Richmond: Warren Anderson, 510/234-3333

* Brickyard Cove: Nancy Wakeman-Straugh, 510,237-5021

* Marina Bay: Giri Brown, 510/235-3542

* Santa Fe: Janie Holland, 510/233-1483

* Southwest Annex: Anita Camell, 510/529-2049

* Chamber of Commerce: Michael Fenley, 510/223-6900

* Council of Industries: Jim Cannon, 510/232-4422

* Contra Costa Labor Council: John Dalrymple, 925/228-0161

* Point Richmond Business Association: Nick Armington, 510/215-0500

* Economic Development Commission: Hermann Welm, 925/838-8261

* Parks and recreation Commission: Kevin Ryder, 510/559-8013

* East Bay Regional parks District: Jean Siri, 510/524-3476

* Trails for Richmond Action Committee (TRAC): David Dolberg, 510/234-8910

* Board of Realtors: Derry Hampton, 510/233-1152

* Sierra Club: Blanche Jaggi, 510-233-5378 

The next meeting is April 18, 6:00 PM at the Marina Bay Boathouse. The public is invited.