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Letter To Tom Butt E-Forum About Darrell Reese
April 8, 2001

Just another side of Darrell Reese:  My husband retired as a firefighter with Richmond in 1998.  At that time Darrel Reese owed him a shift that he never repaid, in kind or in money.  That is the method under which they worked at that time.  Reese owed him a full shift and just ignored it, even though my husband asked for it to be repaid several times. My husband even told the Richmond Union officials, who chose to also ignore it.  The amount of money is $400-$500.  By now, if interest were to be added, it is much more.  My husband is not one to push issues, thus has never pushed the correct buttons to get his money out of Darrel Reese, Mr. High Crime himself.  

We also knew that Reese had listed my father in-law as a union member with a $200+ contribution in 1997.  My father-in-law never joined the union (had been retired over twenty years at that point) and did not want to be a retired member of the union.  A newspaper contacted my husband about this, but no investigative unit ever contacted him.  My father-in-law passed away in 1999. 

Not living in Richmond, we do not take a paper that would cover this information.  Had we known, much could have been said.  Thankfully, a stop has been put to Reese.  Other than the early February article, we have not received other information.  Was he put in prison, where he belonged, or not? 

I certainly hope that at some point, the money Darrell Reese owes my husband will be recouped! 

Thanks for your article.  Kudos to you for covering these events.  Darrell Reese is one of the many reasons my husband, though a union member, never wanted to be a part of the leadership Richmond Firefighters Union