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Shoreline Plan
March 30, 2001

In 1998, the Richmond City Council, with the consensus of staff, adopted a "Five Year Vision Statement," for the City, as follows: "Richmond will develop all of its neighborhoods and businesses as quality places to live, work, shop and play, with its 32 miles of shoreline as a widely-recognized symbol of the City's success."  

In a City staff workshop July 24, 1998, the staff committed, by July 1, 1999, to "develop a comprehensive marketing strategy for the shoreline integrated with other City and regional marketing activities." The bad news is that the commitment date is now over a year and a half past due. The good news is that a citizen's advisory committee has been appointed by the mayor, and on March 27, 2001, the City Council authorized a $215,000 contract with Bryan Grunwald Associates to provide consulting services for the shoreline plan. The work plan calls for completion in 12 months, only 2 1/2 years behind schedule. 

There has been some confusion over the term "marketing" the shoreline. This doesn't literally mean "selling" real estate on the shoreline, but indicates a broader connotation of an integrated approach to planning for and managing this incredible shoreline asset for the greater good of all Richmond residents and the enhancement of Richmond's image.  

The Shoreline Development Advisory Committee met for the first time on March 8, and they will meet again April 18, 2001, first for a bus tour of the shoreline and then at 6:00 PM in the Marina Bay Boathouse for a formal meeting. The public is invited and encouraged to attend and participate. This is your shoreline, and I hope you will take a personal interest in its future.