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March 30, 2001

City Council Race - Election of November 6, 2001 

City Council Seats Available 

There are three seats coming up for election: Those held by incumbents Irma Anderson, John Marquez and Richard Griffin. In addition the unexpired two-year term of Alex Evans, now held until November 2001 by appointee Charles Belcher will be available. Councilmember Anderson has declared her candidacy for mayor, leaving her City Council seat up for grabs. Although he has not publicly declared, Councilmember Marquez is widely considered to be a mayoral candidate, leaving his seat also up for grabs. Councilmember Griffin declared on March 26 that he would be a candidate for re-election, as did Councilmember Belcher. That leaves four seats available with two incumbents running. 

Potential City Council Candidates 

Maria Theresa Viramontes is a likely candidate, and she brings to the race  strong name recognition and a very solid record of public service. Steve Harvey, the front runner-up in the election of 1999, is rumored to be leaving town.  Former Richmond City Council member, former Contra Costa Board of Supervisors member and perennial candidate Jim Rogers is rumored to be considering a run after a pep talk and pledge of support form Richmond's favorite kingmaker, Darrell Reese. Rogers apparently lives in Berkeley but would re-establish residence in Richmond sufficiently to qualify. Corky Booze, another perennial candidate, is also considering another challenge. Considered by some in the past as a excessively outspoken and fringe candidate, Booze has matured considerably as a public figure and gained wide respect over the past couple of years. This may be his year. Usually by this time, the field has started to form. For some reason, there is a dearth of candidates this year, or contenders are simply waiting to see what happens. 

Potential Mayoral Candidates. 

Three candidates have publicly announced: Tom Butt, Irma Anderson and Nat Bates. John Marquez has yet to declare publicly but is considered a candidate. All four have filed the necessary forms with the city clerk to begin collecting campaign contributions. The actual filing period for the ballot does not open until mid July and closes in mid-August. 

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