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Letter Of Resignation Of Port Director
January 29, 2001

The City Manager would like to inform you of the resignation of Ron Kennedy, Port Director. 

Isiah Turner wrote: 

Attached for your information is the resignation letter from Ron Kennedy, Port Director.  Mr. Kennedy, Dan Shaw and I are in agreement that this will be beneficial to all personnel involved. 

Please rest assured that we will move forward in the management of the Port.  I look forward to your continued support and non-involvement in personnel issues. 

Mr. Kennedy wrote: 

I enjoyed the opportunity to serve the City of Richmond as its Port Director the last several years. 

Although my accomplishments are modest I believe the Port is in a position to be self-sufficient and able to generate substantial revenue to the City. 

It is with mixed emotions that I must resign as your Port Director effective January 31, 2001. 

Hardcopies of the above memos will be placed in your packet Friday, 1/19/01. 

Thank you.